MD310S Rudder Angle Telegraph System

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MD310S Rudder Angle Telegraph System

Rudder Angle Telegraph System

  • Emergency Backup Command and Response Telegraph System. Allows manual vessel steering when the main power systems have failed.

From Marine Data

  • An Emergency Backup Command and Response
    Telegraph System
  • Allows manual vessel steering when the main power
    systems have failed
  • Two units operate together over a simple dc connection
  • Audible and visible alerts
  • Simple and rugged marinised design


The MD310S Rudder Angle Telegraph is an emergency system which derives its power from a safeguarded backup DC power
supply. The MD310S system conveys angular steering commands from the wheelhouse to the steering crew located at a remote
station in the vessel’s steering gear compartment. In this way, the vessel can be safely steered when the main power has failed.
Steering commands are displayed in degrees by a moving pointer (also known as a bug) on the remote angular display unit
situated in the steering compartment. The steering crew can then comply by moving the rudders to the required angular position
by hand and then respond to this by confirming the response angle and pressing the Alert button.
The MD310S Emergency Rudder Angle Telegraph from MARINE DATA: Easy to install and simple to maintain.


  • Simple, reliable design
  • Rugged marinised construction
  • Dimming control


  • The MARINE DATA Rudder Angle Telegraph System is an emergency backup system. It is designed to provide a simple and
    reliable means of steering a vessel by hand in the event of a catastrophic main power systems failure at sea

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